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Estate planning is the best step you can take to protect your interests and those of your loved one. It will help you ensure your wishes are carried out and provide guidance should the situation become difficult.

It's easy and it's important

Choosing someone to be in charge if you become mentally incapacitated or after you are gone will go a long way towards avoiding family fights and costly probate court proceedings in an already stressful situation.

Having a will and drafting clear directives can make life much easier for the ones you leave behind.

Living Will / Advance Directive

Let others know your health care decisions

Power of Attorney

Appoint someone to communicate your decisions if you can't

Last Will and Testament

Distribute your property, name guardians, and appoint an executor.

Powerful document generator

Legally valid documents at your fingertips, tailored to your country and state by specialized lawyers.

Private and secure

End-to-end encryption keeps your information private and safe. You decide exactly what to share with whom.


Your documents signatures are certified on the blockchain and can be independently verified.

Easy to maintain

No waiting in a lawyer or notary office to submit updates. Change, click, store.

"I didn't expect it would be that easy"

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    Easily generate legal documents with our hand crafted templates prepared for you by lawyers by answering some simple questions with our document builder. You can of course also import your own documents.

  2. 2


    State of the art blockchain notarization and video signature provide exceedingly strong evidence of the authenticity of your documents, making it easy for your loved ones to defend your wishes should they be contested.

  3. 3

    Share & Store

    Your loved ones have access to a private digital copy of the documents you share with them, and all the information and probate evidence needed to validate them.

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